Monday, December 20, 2010

How To Make A Electric Powered Rowing Boat

Our last project was “rubber band powered rowing boat”, today we are going to discuss how to replace the rubber band of the boat with electric motor to make “electric powered rowing boat”. There are some advantages with electric motor boat than rubber band powered boat. Always you need to re-wind your rubber band again and again to give power to your boat. But with electric motors you can sail your boat until its battery gets dead. Also you can introduce some remote controlling mechanisms like radio controlled rowing boat, IR controlled boat …etc when you place electric motor to your boat. So first we will look how to replace the rubber band with small electric motor. For this you can use small DC motor if your boat is small. If your boat is little large, find little large motor.

Few motors that you can use:

Next thing is you need to have small battery pack.
Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 4400 mAh Rechargeable Battery module with PCB

and small rubber belt. Now what you have to do is, remove rubber band from your toy rowing boat that you make in our previous project. Fix the electric motor to body of the boat as shown in figures. Then fix the battery pack to the body of the boat. Use small rubber band or belt to rotate two pulleys using electric motor. Please refer the figure to understand easily. Now almost done and connect battery pack terminals to electric motor terminal. Now if you did everything correctly, two pulley of the boat should rotate as with rubber band, then oars should moves. Place your electric powered rowing boat on the water and see how it moving forward. If you want to sail backward, simply cross exchange motor terminal with battery pack terminal.

Rowing Boat Design View With Electric Motor

 Rowing Boat Design With Electric Motor - Side View

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