Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot To Make An Electric Motor Boat

Radio Control NQD High Wind RC 30'' Twin Motor Electric Speed Boat RTR NEW

Hi friends, how is the progress? Did you try my boat designs? If you have any questions of concerns please feel free to comment on them and I try my best to solve them. Today we are going to make very interesting boat “An Electric Motor Boat”. Most of the people are dreaming about this. You can buy electric motor boats from your nearest marketplace. But making your own motor boat will give you a great joy. Actually we have made similar boat design previously rubber band powered toy boat. Only different here is we use electric DC motor instead of rubber band to give power to the boat.

First you need to find light weight wood or plastic plate to make the body of the boat. As shown in figure, cut wood or plastic plate to get the boat shape body. Now you need small DC electric motor, battery pack, terminal wires and carpentry glue.

DC motors:
Miniature DC Motor
American Educational Products 4.5V to 6V DC Motor for Classroom Electrical Experiments
Mini DC Motor with Leads

Battery packs:

Duracell DC2400 Rechargeable Batteries, NiMH, AAA Size, 4-Count Packages (Pack of 2)
Tyco® Pro Flexpak® Battery Pack & Charger

As shown in figure fix electric motor on the bottom of the boat body. Place battery pack on the top of the boat body. Next thing is to fix propeller to the motor. For this you can either but small propeller available in the market or use very thin plastic or aluminum plate to cut a propeller wings. Either way you used, once you find the propeller fix that to motor shaft. Now we are ready to test our work. Connect motor terminals with battery pack terminals using terminal wires. Now your boat’s propeller should rotate. Then place your boat on the water and see now it moves forward. By cross exchanging terminal wires you can sail your boat backward. Next thing, how we can turn our boat and how we can control it using remotely. In my next few projects we will discuss about that.

Electric Powered Motor Boat


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  2. It was cool when i made mine.Your article was of great help.

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