Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rubber Band Powered Toy Boat - 2

Did you try our first project Rubber Band Powered Toy Boat. Today I will show you another rubber band powered toy boat. Only different here is the propeller. If you found it difficult to find a propeller for previous project, you can try this. I will show you how to make your own boat propeller for this boat. This boat is also powered using a rubber band.

Following materials you need to find:

1. Wood or Plastic plate (20 cm * 10 cm)
2. Rubber band
3. Propeller (if you make your own one you need two 6 cm * 4 cm wood or plastic plates)
4. Carpentry glue

Figure 1: Rubber band powered boat

This is the boat what we are going to make today. First we need to make body of the boat. For this you need to take 20 cm * 10 cm wood or plastic plate and cut it to shape as shown in figure 2. If you are a kids please take some assistance from your parents to make this.

Figure 2: Body of the boat

Then you need to make propeller for your boat. This propeller design is little simple one. As shown in figure 3 you need to first cut 6 cm * 4 cm wood or plastic plate. You need two pieces of same size and same shape as shown in figure 2. Then using Carpentry glue you need to paste those two pieces and make a propeller.

Figure 3: Two pieces of boat propeller

Final step is to fix this propeller to body of the boat using rubber band. Put rubber band across the propeller and place in between boat body hole (the rectangle shape hole of backside of boat body). Now you have made your rubber band powered toy boat. Next things is to try our work. Go to some place you have enough water to try your boat. Then wind your propeller backward enough and place your boat on the water and release the propeller. Now you can see your boat is moving forward slowly. Happy ?

Try some changes and make different models based on this model. Good luck.


  1. What a fab craft - have featured you on "Water Get Crafty"


    Thank you!


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