Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How To Make A Steam Boat

Today we are going to discuss how to make a small toy steam boat. There are several methods to make steam boats. Here is very simple method and very easy to construct.

Kids Warning: If you are a kid please take assistance from your parents, before attempt to this project.

The concept behind this boat is, using a pressured stream flow we make power to the boat. When pressurized steam flow sprays from the behind of the boat, boat will move forward. To generate steam and pressurized it, it uses a burner. This burner even can be a small oil lamp if your boat is not too big.

Materials need:

1. 20 cm * 10 cm wood or plastic plate
2. Small burner or oil lamp
3. Small tin can(small empty paint tin can)
4. Carpentry glue

First you need to make the body of the boat. For this take 20 cm * 10 cm wood or plastic plate. Paste small two pieces of wood to place the tin as shown in figure 1. Burner should be able place under the tin to heat out the tin can. Then fill the tin can half of water and close the tin can cap. Make a small hole on the tin can cap. Now place the tin can on the two wood legs and small hole should be on top. Please refer the figure 1.Figure 1: Steam boat design

Now work is done. Go to nearest lake or any place that you are planing to test your steam boat. Place the steam boat on the water and on the burner or light up the oil lamp. Wait some time till the water get boiled and make steam. When steam generates, steam pressure in the tin can goes high and from the small hole that steam will spray out. Due to this pressured steam flow boat will move forward. Figure 2 show the completed steam boat.Figure 2: Completed Steam Boat

Try it and see how much you and your kid be happy by simple making this steam boat. Good luck.

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